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Ian I'm sceptical as to whether your 4 holders will fit my technika II. Do you have a technika II yourself that these holders fit? The reason for my scepticism is that the 11 holders I have are practically identical and they don't fit my technika, meaning that I can get them to fit the camera, but they wiggle way to much. I cannot see that my camera has been modified in any way, it looks identical to the camera in the technika II manual on camera eccentric's site.
Are you sure they are not plaubel holders (to fit the fifties universal, peco junior series etc.)? The reason I'm asking is that I have a plaubel Universal 13x18, and the holders are identical (although bigger of course). Then again, I know that my 13x18 holders fit the 13x18 technika II, so according to that reasoning your holders fit my camera ... I don't know it's kind of confusing right?
The only Thing I know for sure is that the recomar holders are a perfect fit for my technika II.
You're probably right Mads. Just corrected the previous post, the Roll film back was sold to fit the early Linhof's, it was offered for sale along with one when I bopught it. The film holders are about a cm shorter, perhaps they do fit a Plaubel.

It's the lack of a standard that makes it difficult getting the right holders.