I understand well that there are many "alternative processes" that are easy and affordable ---, but they don't give enough speed or sensitivity to be of a practical use.

On the other hand, there are many very practical (for end user) "processes" like CCD chips, but they are impossible to create at home .

But, this silver-based emulsion making has proven it's practicalness by being in daily use even today by millions of enthusiasts and even complete laymen, and still, it is somehow possible enough for one to do at home if given enough interest and time to learn the process.

Fictional situation: in 2030, there are less and less films to choose from, and people are uncertain how long they will be available.... If I could say: here I have a home-made 400-speed BW film with nice tone rendition and manageable grain and sharpness, and paper to print it to with nice results, I'm sure there would be many who would like to try it out - and learn the process how to do it!