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The very conservative Kodak documentation states one 220 film per litre, however I'm currently processing three 120 colour negative films at once in 470ml developer.

Tom, can you post a few images to show the result? 3 120 rolls by 470 ml is equivalent to 3 220 rolls by 1 liter. I am sure many people, including myself, are anxious to find the real capacity of C-41 developer.

I own an ATL-2300 too. I failed to process 2 220 rolls with 850 ml of developer. In fact I had doubt about the result of processing 1 220 roll with 730 ml. I found Kodak's guideline of 1 liter for a 220 roll to be not too conservative. I hope I am wrong.

Before I own my ATL processor I used to manually process 2 135-36 rolls with 500 ml in a stainless steel tank. The result was always great. That was actually inline with Kodak's guideline. That's about 1 liter for 4 135-36, or 2 120, or 1 220 roll.