OK, I developed two rounds yesterday, reusing the chemistry for the second round. I used the Fuji 6x kit.

In the first round I developed two 4x5 sheets of Velvia 100 (outdated in Dec. 2008), in Jobo 2523 drum on a Jobo CPA2, "by the book", i.e. (approx. 300 ml for all chemicals, this Jobo drum calls for 270 ml):

1) Warm-up (drum with no liquid inside, rolling on the processor) = 5:00
2) First developer = 6:45 (I added 15 seconds for Fuji film, as I read somewhere)
3) Rinse = 3:00 (4 exchanges of water)
4) Reversal bath = 2:00
5) Color developer = 4:00
6) Pre-bleach = 2:00
7) Bleach = 6:00
8) Fixer = 4:00
9) Wash = 6:00 (approx. 8-9 exchanges of water on the processor, 300 ml each)
10) Final rinse = 1:00

Step #10 was done off the processor, film removed from the tank and dipped into final rinse in a separate dish...

The results are OK, from what I can say (never did any cromes before, let alone large format). The shots were rather difficult, backlit yard full of leaves, with the Sun in the frame, coming through the tree branches. Not an easy shot to meter under any circumstances... and perhaps not a good shot for the first E6 test run

Anyway, I wanted to see whether I can reuse the same chemistry, so immediately after these two 4x5 films were done, I dried the tank and did it all again with one roll of medium format Ektachrome 100 - expired in 2001
Unfortunately, I forgot about that when exposing this roll - I perhaps should have exposed it at EI80 or even 50, but I used 100 ASA - nominal value... I forgot about it being long expired...

Anyway, I extended the times for the second run by half a minute (everything except rinses). The roll came out a bit too dense, I think. Again, I'm no expert for chromes, but when I showed the results today to a friend who used to run a lab, he said they look quite OK. Maybe a little dense, but still OK.

So, I guess the times are OK - when doing the second run with the same chemicals, it's OK to add 30 seconds. You just need to take into account the quantity of film you're doing.

As for longevity, I prepared 500ml of solutions - and topped the original concentrate bottles with lighter gas... We don't have Protectan spray here, and I've read that lighter gas will do in a pinch
I wish I could attach a nice scan, but my scanning skills suck big time. I manage with B&W somehow, but color... no way...