My father was nice enough to build me a workable darkroom when I was 13. It was 3 feet wide by about 5 feet wide located behind the fake walls of our basement. It wasn't much but it started my love affair with photography.

Ever since then I have dreamed of having the best darkroom I could imagine. Well, I finally had the space, time and money to complete my dream darkroom.

Its located in our home office in the basement so its a complete digital/analog darkroom. At this point only the analog side is up and it will probably stay that way.

From a creative standpoint, I use analog for critical portraits and my black and white landscape/street photography. For everything else, its digital.

I shoot mostly in MF. The enlarger is a wall-mounted (finally!--what a difference it makes) Saunders/LPL 4550XLG. Best investment I have ever made.

Enough of the text. Here are the photos of the darkroom (with photos produced in it to come soon).

If any Apug'ers in the Scarsdale, NY area are darkroomless and want to use it, please e-mail me personally. Should be completed in the next two weeks.