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With regard to the subject of overpopulation, the common contemporary hypothesis is gravely erroneous. The world is simply not becoming overpopulated. Europe is shinking at an alarming rate, and, if the current trend continues there, Europe will not repopulate itself (as the continent is currently well below its repopulation rate). The entire population of the earth could fit into the land area of the US, with plenty of room. Likewise, the entire population of the US could fit into the state of Texas, again with ample space. Here is an interesting discussion: http://economics.gmu.edu/wew/article...on-Control.htm

Yeah but, there is more to the problem than square feet per house, NYC sure as hell doesn't grow its own food or supply its own water or fuel. Here in the US we maintain a lavish, high energy consumption lifestyle by exploiting not only our own land mass, but that of many other countries, a source of some of our current problems.

I concur that thorium lenses are unlikely to be of major import in the general scheme of things. Glass and ceramics from earlier periods used uranium compounds to get interesting yellows too.