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I built my 11x14 a year ago, with 10 film holders. I carry it a 4x5 and 2- 35mm cameras with me in the field in 4 hard cases on a cart. I had shot, 5x7 and 8x10 and wasnít sure how I would like the 11x14.
It is heavy, it is big, it draws a crowd (which for me is a pain) but with all this I love it, for me I just love the contact size of the 11x14.
BTW, I bought Sandyís book of carbon itís great. Even if I donít ever print in carbon, itís just cool.
Thanks Sandy
The drawing a crowd part is the only thing that annoys me. I've found even when I just go out to shoot with my 4x5 press camera, people feel the need to either ask me if it's digital or ask me if it shoots video... not once has anyone asked me what film I am using.