Hey this is an interesting thread....always good to see how others do their thing and maybe steal some ideas!

The first thing that strikes me about all the darkrooms pictured so far is the tidyness of them, must be an explanation because mines always a mess but I can find things when I need them.

Here's some pics of mine, I have the darkroom split into 2 rooms, I ran out of space and had to add an extension on. Originally I printed with trays, now all processing is done with roller transport machines, this came about through volumes of work I couldn't handle in trays. I only shoot and print panoramics and they get tricky to work with in larger sizes, the machines take all the effort out of it.

Of course that means I only print on RC paper but I do both colour and B&W, about 90% is B&W.

Panoramics take you into odd film sizes and to get the most out of these sizes an odd size enlarger is required. I stretched a 4x5 floorstanding De Vere out to 4x14 and this copes with virtually anything I do. It has a colour head and I print everything with a 240mm Rodagon lens. You'll see on my work bench a paper dispenser which is one of the biggest timesavers I have as everything is printed on roll paper. My standard size is 8x40 so all you do is dial in 40" of paper, push a button and the paper feeds out and is cut to the right length. For long runs I've got a stretched roll easel that will handle 4 foot prints, simply expose and index the next one along.

While all this may sound a bit upmarket I started out loading film in the bathroom and processing in the kitchen sink. Printing was done elsewhere for many years until I could afford to build my own darkroom. A path trod by many others here....I hope it continues!