The film, Pro160s, was left for maybe 6 weeks to 8 weeks in the fridge. I store all my film exposed or not in the fridge. When exposed, I place them in small air tight plastic box filled with air from the freezer. I never experienced any condensation in those box. I don't travel with a cooler, but I try to keep my film as cool as I can.

As I do my own C-41 with Tetenal, processing error are never excluded. But the other films I'm comparing with were done with the same chemistry right after those one and I'm not to bad with controlling temperature.

I must say that I'm still learning to shoot color film, so maybe the processing is still fine and this was just the light I had back in Stockholm. I'm mainly asking this to know if there is obvious issues with keeping exposed film for a while in order to process them in batch.