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However, I don't think films will improve to the point where you can make any use of that additional performance. Edge sharpness wide-open will get better on the latest lenses but even if you're using the finest 35mm films available, you're not ever going to match the resolution you get from MF or LF film or 35mm digital. In other words, 35mm film photography has basically reached its peak of quality - if you want better, you need to change format and/or capture technology.

[1] Ignore the Leica S2. Just because it exists does not mean it's a good place to be in terms of optimal or even sustainable price/performance - that's Leica for you.
LOL! Was only looking over at the S2 to ask, why? honest...

Thanks for the great reply - much more technical evaluation than I was expecting - welcomed though.
Interesting that that your assessment of "new" style 35mm lenses will give little quality gains over "old" style lenses, sort of what I had been thinking; gains there may be but not quantum leaps in quality. The technology of film (grain size) being the limiting factor - the new lenses may outperform the technology of film but tightening up of edge sharpness etc may be of benefit to a 35mm shooter.
Would love to see a direct comparison shot between say a Hass 120 lens and a Canon 85/1.2 for instance (or comparable portait type lenses) on film stock - just for arguements sake!
Thanks for the input.