My darkroom is too small to get it all in, even with a 12mm. I thought of doing a bunch of digital shots and stitching them together, but seems like a lot of effort to put into something digital. Just don't feel like shaving off slices of my soul and stuffing them into a CD-ROM drive anymore.
Then, I got what seemed to be a cool idea. I'll just make a pinhole lens for my crown graphic, and get a wide-angle full-circle 4x5 view. That seems like it ought to be cool. It'll take me a week or so, though, to figure out how to do everything in the available spare time.

In my initial research, I've seen what amounts to nothing less than stunning pinhole images. I had no idea you could get that kind of quality with pinhole.

Also -- to avoid having that "freshly dropped bomb" look, I'll have to catch it just BEFORE a project.