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At the risk of waffling on perhaps I should clarify I do not criticise medium format lenses wide open, I actually have no reference point as most medium format I have seen has been said to be f8, 11 etc rather than f2.8,4.0. So my experience of seeing medium format is of being shot with smaller apertures. Knowing my need/liking of shooting wide open I am intrigued with the capability of medium format wide open compared to 35mm wide open, which is where my lack of reference ponts hinders my assesment of potential results.

Btw, having shot with lenses such as the ef200/1.8L, fd&ef300/2.8L, ef 600/4.0 and seen the results from stellar lenses such as the nikon 300/2.0 I have a reference point for 35mm capabilities though would have loved to have seen the zeiss 1000/5.6 used in anger! If vivitar produced their series 1 90 macro in an ef mount I would be near the front of the queue.

Thanks for reading the post, apologies for not being a more concise writer - more of a verbal ambler really!
Hey, like I said, it is a great read. Provokes thought.

IMHO an 80mm f/3.5 Sekor C mounted on a Mamiya M645j can do wonderful things. Put a Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 on a Minolta sr-T101 and focus close and strange things can happen. The DOF can outweigh the give up in forum.

And ask anyone around here. If you consider your self a verbal ambler then you are in awesome company.