it sounds fair to me
I think I've had better deals and I'm sure quite a few here have paid nothing for the same stuff

no idea what the enlarger is worth but I doubt anything significant Free-$150
lenses if all in great condition modern etc maybe $50-$75
timer $15 if that
film is neat but not holding much value $20? chancy and all commercial types and "odd" sizes
papers neat but not holding too much value ..$40? maybe on ebay
Paper cutter depends on brand quality and size. I wouldn't spend more than $40 on a larger size when desperate
Cibachrome no idea do cibachrome?
CHems in paper packages not completely trustworthy if old ..if rather new guessing $20 or more if stuff you'd likely use
Trays/misc depends but probably worth $20-$50
easels mentioned -nearly free.
cibachrome drums ..maybe pay $15 for all 3

Really doesn't seem like a treasure to me
If it in total would set you up for a year or two or more and you don't see package deals like this too often its $ goes up ..but not much more.

Dont be paying for each and every object! You'd be doing him too much of a favor to be paying $1 for each grain magnifier he has etc
Someone counts off 4! sheets of Tri-X and I begin to turn away