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it sounds fair to me
I think I've had better deals and I'm sure quite a few here have paid nothing for the same stuff

Really doesn't seem like a treasure to me
If it in total would set you up for a year or two or more and you don't see package deals like this too often its $ goes up ..but not much more.

Dont be paying for each and every object! You'd be doing him too much of a favor to be paying $1 for each grain magnifier he has etc
Someone counts off 4! sheets of Tri-X and I begin to turn away
Yeah... he kinda did some exhausted listing of clips, tongs, spools, etc. Granted he must have paid a substantial sum for this stuff some time ago, but that market has pretty much died. He wants some return on his (old) investment... but of course, I want something for nothing. In truth, I do not mind paying a reasonable sum, but money is scarce, and I would rather spend it on good lenses or consumables.

If I hadn't been looking for a 4x5 enlarger for the last six months, I probably wouldn't be giving this too much thought. I know one other LF shooter in town who is looking for an enlarger, but I'm not telling him about this rig until I've made up my mind.

Still looking for opinions.