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I paid 150 usd for a complete darkroom minus the sink. I had one enlarger, an Omega 2D that's mint plus a Saunders 20x24 easel and a archival print washer. Ton's of other stuff including a bunch of paper. I'd say your offer is more than fair.

Remember that the expired chemicals are a liability. If you take them, you should be compensated for disposing of them properly.

You are right. I don't really consider the chemicals an asset in this deal. Some may be of use, but most will need to be disposed of. Luckily my employer has a chemical disposal facility.

My local camera store is giving away enlargers these days. (provided you spend a substantial amount on paper and chems, etc.) unfortunately they only have 35mm gear, and the other fellow who is looking for a 4x5 enlarger is part owner of the shop. I'm not likely to find something there until he snags one first.

Still weighing my options...