Please let me clarify...I do not own a Nikkor 50 1.4 S lens. However, I would like to conclusively verify whether or not that lens is radioactive. The brownish tint I see in photos of it gives me pause.

I have already owned Takumar lenses, and have tried the "window sill solution" suggested above. After doing this, I still did not feel comfortable in owning radioactive lenses, and thus I sold them. I have no interest in owning any other radioactive lenses, as, in testing them, some have found what would seem to be problematic levels of radiation...levels that would concern me. In another thread, I have provided a link for one such test. I do not claim to be a chemist or nuclear physicist. I am simply one who would rather be "on the safe side"--especially since there are many other fine lenses out there.