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Honestly, that's why I wanted to try splitting up the 2-part blix in my Tetenal kit (and I do think I simply had the dilution wrong). It's a bit easier & cheaper to buy the Tetenal kit than Kodak chems here (until later when I realized there was bleach replenisher on ebay) and I wanted to test the waters with C41 before going all in with Kodak.

That said, I've been VERY pleased with the results with my blixed rolls, once I got the right amount of blix going. Don't be afraid of the blix .
I'm over-exaggerating somewhat. I'll mostly be using my Tetenal kit to develop 4x5 so the apparent grain increase won't really be an issue, and I'm also after somewhat less saturated colours from my NC anyway, so it could be a good mix.

It would still love to be able to find a local source for smallish quantities of Kodak/Trebla chems so I can 'do it properly'.