Evening all,

I'm currently halfway through m'first attempt at colour printing, using a Durst M605 (with new 100W bulb) and Supra Endura.

This is proving to be very difficult as the image as projected onto the baseboard is so blasted dark. I can barely tell what's what nevermind whether the blasted thing is in focus. I've tried to use a Paterson focus finder but everything is simply too dark.

I've done B&W printing for quite a while so have some experience in making prints - it's not just that the lens is stuck at f22 - and I'm currently stumped. I've amended all the settings that can possibly be amended, and I've tried using it with the filters all to 0, all at their max, but nothing seems to make any difference.

Is this normal, or can anyone let me know how to get more light through?

Any help most gratefully received.