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"LOL, all those people who are worried about radiation of thorium show that they don't have the slightest clue how radiation works. "

And I suppose your credentials are degrees in Physics, Nuclear Engineering or are we reading the comments of a degreed Health Physicist?
Other than those three disciplines I would suggest that individuals refrain from Posting what they 'think' and only what they 'know' to be fact concerning isotopic emmiters, the physical effects and biological effects.
I commented once but just don't have the time nor inclination to address all the mis-statements.-Dick
At least I did some serious research instead of letting myself make scared by the media and others the don't know squat about it. Most people are like sheep, they just take in whatever they see from the media, I on the other hand do a lot of reading and even inform myself with people who actually work with radioactive products. And what exactly was wrong with my post to begin with?? did it contain any lies?? NO IT DIDN'T! Thorium breaks down in the Alpha and Beta spectrum, not the Gamma or X-rays. Radium does emit Gamma rays, so that's not wrong either. The amount in those lenses are small and they are encapsulated in the glass, so unless you break the glass there is nothing to worry about. Of course radioactive compounds are not toys but in the Post Chernobyl era people are way too scared because the media pictured some grotesque misconceptions about nuclear radiation.