All of the tanks I own for the 2300 will only allow for 4 rolls of 220 or 8 rolls of 120.
If you are using an extender? then maybe more rolls of 220 are possible.
I have been doing 1 shot on the 2300 for many years and I always use 1000ml of chems. Film is consistantly good , I would be cautious with an extra roll of 220 .

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The Fujihunt documentation does not match the Jobo documentation, and the Jobo manuals seem more concerned with coverage than developer activity, so here is my question:

Using the ATL-2300 I can physically process five rolls of 220 film in one go using 1000ml developer, although I have not done so yet. Is processing the approximate equivalent to 800 square inches of film realistic? The very conservative Kodak documentation states one 220 film per litre, however I'm currently processing three 120 colour negative films at once in 470ml developer.