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I might be able to get hold of a Cibachrome tank (11x14" size I think) -- which is the biggest I am likely to need anyway -- I've been doing RA4 at home successfully for a few months now.

I've been using trays though.

I was wondering -- there's no reason not to use a Cibachrome tank is there? Just roll the paper up and pour in enough chemical (dev, stop and blix) at the appropriate times and I can then do the chemical bit in daylight/normal light.

Are these tanks 'light proof' like daylight film dev tanks? Or would i need to switch off lights between the stages to change the chemicals?


I currently use the Cibachrome tanks for black and white RC, but they are/were designed for daylight processing of colour materials that require that the paper be in absolute darkness, so they should be well suited for RA4 materials.

You should of course check that there are no cracks and no other signs of physical damage that might cause light to leak.

I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to do smaller prints in the larger tanks - I generally use my 8x10 tanks for 8x10 prints. An 8x10 in a 11x14 tank might not stay in place.

You will need to fine tune the volume of chemistry you use - for black and white chemistry I find that about 100ml gives me even results, as long as there is enough capacity in the chemical itself.