No thanks, I also got this ATL3 for free.
I have it now for 2 months, it took me 2 weeks to clean, dismantle and fix the machine.
I took it all apart, including upper and lower motor houses.

Ofcourse it is practical, but a newer series ATL2x00 is more convinient and somewhat smaller, it only house 6 chemical containers.
See the manual: http://www.jobo.com/jobo_service_ana...f/ATL-2x00.pdf
But hey, if you can house an 1840 an ATL3 is peanuts
I will only fill the chemical tanks with about 20cc more fluids than needed, after the processing I run the cleaning program 3 times to flush all tanks with plain water.
It will hold the expert drums, even the one for 50x60cm paper (3063).
It can turn as slow as 25 rpm
I run my processor with an 2850 Drum (2830 + 2870) so I can process 4 8x10 negatives at a time, a 800 ml of chemicals will be used.