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Has anyone else tried to motorize their Rondinax?

Ive got a nice low-volt geared down motor that would give a very slow but continuous rotation to the knob but Im not sure how that would affect development.

Once I get the motor mounted with a bit more permanence than duct tape, I'll shoot a link to a picture of it.
People over the years have indeed added motors to their Rondinax machines. The typical motors seem to have been canibalized from chicken broilers. The problem is: One does not want a continuous movement but a jerky one to make sure that the flows are "random". The joy of the Rondinax is also its portability and small size and both of these get tossed out with a motor unless one makes something like a platform and a geared knob that allows the Ronidax to also be used "manual".

For a motorized processor I just use one of the Jobo things and keep my Agfa machines (I have both 35 and 35U models as well as a Rondix which is something like a Rondinax but **without** a reel(!) and so much smaller and lighter) as what they are.