I purchased a Jobo 2300 and 2500 to process e-6, I have no previous processing experience and have some questions for you seasoned pros ;-) Any input would be helpful...

1) Starting out, my e-6 processing level will be low, 20 rolls maybe once or twice a month. So I assume the 2300 is the more sensible one to set up first? Or maybe it does not matter?

2) I plan to process 35mm, 120/220 e-6. What drums should I purchase for these formats?

3) I assume its best to have a small hot water heater near the processor for best temperature control. Any recommendations on which one to buy? The feed water is Reverse Osmosis, so glass lined would be ideal.... I would think..

4) OK for all e-6 used chemicals to go straight down the city drain?

5) Is silver recover recommended, or is this only for very high volume processing? Any inline systems you can suggest?

6) I will be processing Fuji Films, is there any advantage to using fuji chemicals? I assume they are identical to Kodaks?

7) In another thread, "Kompressor" mentioned some Kodak chemical he purchased contains an excellent instruction booklet on the details of e-6 processing. Is this booklet available in pdf format anywhere? Or, if there is other "must read" e-6 processing information, please advise..

thank you all in advance...