Since I find the cost of an archival print washer outrageous, I have not forked out my precious little money to get one, so I wash prints in a plastic basin which I have added a wine-bottle tap. The basin is a bit larger than the 30x40cm (12x16") prints I do and it sits under the running water tap and drains down the sink.
I have the prints loose, image to image and back to back so they don't stick and don't really wash more than 10 fiber prints at a time even if I'll go up to 20 for resin coated. I can't remember the height but it must be around 20-30cm. I always hypo-clear the fibers before the wash.
My question would be, is that good enough for archival washing?
I haven't measured the time it takes for the whole basin to empty, but how fast would it be good enough?