Many years ago, and I';m really sorry I can remember who was the inventor of these, I received instructions on how to make a print washer using plastic bins (i used a square bathroom trashcan).

You needed:
- The plastic bin
- Hose attachment (1female, 1 male)
- Some nylon thread (fishing thread of something thicker)
- 5 minute epoxy

1. Poke a hole (about 3/4") and attach the female hose attachment to the bottom side of the bin.
2 Poke another hole for the exit hose at the top of the opposite side and attach the hose.
3. With a ruler mark vertical lines that will be where you want your prints to be standing "vertically" on both sides of the bin (about 7mm appart).
4. Poke holes about 7mm apart on those lines and start "weaving" the nylon thread so that prints will be separated
According to the instructions it was best to make a "lattice" with the thread, by weaving thorugh every other hole going from both ends.
5. After the nylon thread was weaved I used 5 minute epoxy to seal the holes.

I ttook me a good day and a half to finish it but I thought it was a satisfactory washer for 8x10s.

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I was thinking of buying a bigger one. Drilling a hole for a drain and then using the thing for a print washer. Only thing is I'm not sure what to use to keep the prints apart.