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4) OK for all e-6 used chemicals to go straight down the city drain?

6) I will be processing Fuji Films, is there any advantage to using fuji chemicals? I assume they are identical to Kodaks?

7) In another thread, "Kompressor" mentioned some Kodak chemical he purchased contains an excellent instruction booklet on the details of e-6 processing. Is this booklet available in pdf format anywhere? Or, if there is other "must read" e-6 processing information, please advise..

thank you all in advance...
Hi... I recently (in the last few days) started doing my own at home E6 processing, using a JOBO CPE-2 Plus. So far, everything has worked perfectly - I'm using the Kodak 5L "one shot" kit of chemicals, so I can offer a bit of advice based on my experiences.

I've been pouring my chemicals straight into the kitchen sink - the JOBO has the lift attached, which makes it very easy to drain. The only chemical I really worry about is the bleach, which stinks to high heaven - I leave the tap running for a minute or so while emptying that chemical so as to provide an adequate flush down the drain.

I've also been using mostly Fuji rolls of Velvia 50, Astia 100, and Provia 400X, with the Kodak kit, and so far, all of the rolls have come out looking spot on perfect in the color department. I use 7:30 for the first developer time, everything else is as stated in the Kodak publication -


The thing that takes the most amount of time I'm finding is mixing up all of the chemicals... since everything is one-shot, I can't reuse between batches, so I'm trying to load two 120 rolls onto the reel at a time - that has gone a bit easier than I was expecting actually. I use the Kodak recommended amount of solution (250mL per sq ft of film) to determine the amount for this combo, which is 312.5mL (90 sq in per 120 roll x 2).