I am doing my best. I've been sitting here for several hours, typing AAMOF. I have been adding the material that readers thought appropriate or that I found I have left out. That is about all I can say. As I type, I flip back and forth to APUG and when really tired, I go to the lab and do more experiments. Right now, I am working on vAg, but the next task is the ultra high speed emulsion.

I might add, without revealing too much, that my book may be eclipsed totally by another book that is at about the same stage of development as mine, but is going to be a real blockbuster when it arrives.

So there! I hope that I have whetted a few appetites. The lid has been kept on this other book, but when I saw the draft last week it blew my mind. You are all going to love it and both books will make a handsome addition to anyone's library on photography.

No other comments now! No questions, nothing. That is all you get from me.