Hello PE and All,
I have finaly gotten back to the dyes SDA3057 and SDE3008. They have been in brown glass at 4 degrees F for about 6 m0nths now. The SDA 3057 is stll in what looks like a true solution. The SDE 3008, which always looked odd, as though it were only partialy disolved, had a definate residue. I proceded to add MeOH untill I has a true solution. Final concentration: 0.2% by weight.
Both dyes have been treated like royalty and I am confident that they have been at 4F all this time and there is no contamination. My MeOH is Reagent grade.
At the moment, I am out of AgNO3. But I intend to get back to work on this next week. I hope that I am not working with "bad" dye.