There is a group of 8x20 shooters that is in the process of acquiring a special order of Adox 25 (same formula as Efke 25) at some decent pricing of about $6 to $6.50 per sheet. I will be sending out an update this week and the request for funds right after Christmas and we expect the film to be delivered in about four weeks from payment.

The template can be repeated for just about any format.

PL 100 is the only Efke/Adox film available for ULF from going forward. I like Efke 25 more and find that this film keeps in the freezer especially well. I pulled some Efke 25 that had been in my freezer for over five years and it was as clear as a bell. This is not the case with some PL100 that I used that was slightly past date.

PM me if you or anyone else is interesting in the Adox 8x20 arrangement.