Grrrr, I actually used to process B&W fer a living. Had a important roll to do and wanted to do it in d76h. I had some in a 1 litter container for a few months. Blew a quick roll of 35mm to see if it was still okay. Was fine, threw the roll of film out. cleaned up and spooled up the 120 Neopan I needed. Diluted, processed and checked it out after fixer and ....dang man! All blank. Not even any edge markings. Crap I hate that.....c'est la vie.

Analog version of -- crap! I deleted the image and its gone!

I've had film sticking to each other, fell into a 5gallon container, fixed and re-fixed cause it was pink...but not completely blank like that before. Guess I'll have to make a new batch of d-76.

Good news--Got the Film Cookbook for xmas. Going to try the TF-3 formula in it. Anyone try that before?