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Of course it helps the sale price for the artist to have built quite a legacy and be dead for 25 years. Anyone know what Ansel was selling "Moonrise" for prior to his death in 1985?

I looked through the catalogue and it is quite a collection of photographs up for auction. My favorite of the bunch is the Harry Callahan image of trees in winter simply titled "Chicago". That is one of my favorite photographs of all time. But alas at $15,000-$20,000 it is out of my price range.
This much I know. When I was in Carmel in 1977, my wife became a "Moonie" and wanted to purchase "Moonrise." Ansel was selling his 16 x 20 images at that time for $1500. We couldn't afford it at that time, so we settled for a couple of Cole Weston prints of "Pepper Number 30" and "Nude 227" for $150 each.