Here is a summary of the KI tests.

By inserting the electrodes and going ahead with the measurement, my range is about -222 to -313 mv for a 0.06 M solution. The calculated value is -276.5 mv

My range with super clean, scrubbed and conditioned electrodes is -265 to -282 mv. These are all at -20 deg C. I can do better! I am working on an easy method of cleaning and conditioning the electrodes.

Now back to the NaBr tests....

My results over 2 days for 0.1 M NaBr now ranges from -62 to -63.2 mv, calc -62.6. This is pretty good right now. The 1.0 M NaBr results over 2 days is -116.2 to -120, calc -116.9. So, I am pretty close to where I want to be in measurement methods and lab technique (work flow).

The bridges are made and working, I have worked out a gel and salt solution, I have worked out a method of filling them, and a method of storing them. There is still a lot to do.