This is really just to ask if anyone has tips or advice.

I shot my cousin's wedding during the summer and got a pro lab to make little 6x4 proof prints which I gave to the couple. They never asked for reprints so either they're happy with little pictures or they're enlarging via a flat-bed scanner. Whatever, I don't mind.

I thought I'd have a go at hand printing a formal bride & groom shot to challenge my colour printing skills.

I can get the skin tones looking nice and the surrounding grass looking accurate easily enough, but the dress has a very (very) slight blue cast in the shadows. If I filter for this the groom's face goes green or the grass looks parched.

Is this a typical challenge for wedding photogs or is it my process?

Fuji 400H (35mm)
Kodak Ektacolor Edge paper
Fotospeed 'mono' RA4 kit (at 16 degrees)

I was thinking (A) the chemistry is too cold, or (B) the slight blue hue is natural and a consequence of the light falling on the dress (overcast day).