I also would think option B is the main culprit.

When shooting colour negative and encountering those conditions, and if at all possible, I put a mild warming filter on at the least.

My preference is an 81C which takes 2/3 of a stop, but adds about 400 Kelvin in warmth.

You then balance for a correct, or as near as correct skin tone on the bride, then let all of the other colours fall where they do. Generally you will find that you may end up with a very, very slight warm cast overall.

I've always found that if you are going to have a cast, then have a minimum warm cast in which most Caucasian people will have the slightest of sun-tan looks.

By doing this you often can eliminate most of the blue shadow cast. At worst, you will have a very tiny blue cast.

This comes with experience, you are on the learning curve right now, as we all are.