I use TF-3 and like it. The ammonia smell is there, but it's not too ofensive to me. Actually, I think it's a bit milder than TF-4, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's the other way around. Can't hurt to try Ole's formula, though.

Hey Ole, do I get a portion of the royalties if I stop pushing TF-3 and switch to OF-1? Something like: As you all know, I use to be a TF-3er, but thanks to Ole's OF-1 quick step program, I can finally leave the darkroom without smelling like an industrial detergent!!!

Seriously, though, I do use TF-3 and swear by the stuff. Much better than the Agfa fixer I used before, even if for no other reason than I don't need hypo clear anymore. But that goes for OF-1 as well.

I hope I was more helpful than I think...