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Would you describe what you think are it's good qualities, what's better/worse than the Ilford, which MGIV where you using for your other prints?

Here is what i like about it:
1) it is reasonably priced and readily available.
2) it works! - even with plain old Dektol!
3) it is a real silver chloride paper - which makes it well suited to contact printing.
4) Even with my meager skills and simple process, I was able to produce decent prints easily.
5) I like the surface finish.
6) it is an RC paper - not FB. I loath working with fiber based paper.

As I get older I have less and less time and energy to devote to printmaking. I therefore rely heavily upon simple, robust processes and materials. I just don't have time or energy to fiddle around with esoteric, expensive or finicky materials that demand lots of effort or expertise to use.

This paper seems to fit my needs.