Well the deed has been done. I have sold my Mamiya along with the 80mm and 45mm lens, I didn't get a huge amount for it but that doesn't overly worry me. It's gone to a good home, where it will get used frequently and so it gets to live another day.

I also parted with my much loved Minolta 800si, together with the VC700 vertical grip and a 35-70mm minolta lens. That was one beauty of a camera, again though it was not getting used. So I now really back to basics, I have a Minolta XD11 with a lovely 50mm prime and a 135mm prime. I also have a SR1 with 35mm & 50mm Rokkor primes - and you know I'm kinda pleased to be back to basics - the SR1 is fully manual and while the XD11 (once Minolta's flag ship) has Automatic Exposure, I reckon I'm either going to shoot manual or with either aperture/shutter priority. It has a real sense of going back to my photographic roots. I know the SR1 (and possibly XD11) need a good CLA done, hopefully they'll get the attention they need in the new year - the money from the 800si/Mamiya will come in handy.

The last remaining AF lens that I have and will be parting with is a really great Sigma 18-35 Aspherical (Minolta Mount) lens. Not sure what to ask for the lens, it's in excellent condition, complete with hood, manual, original hard case and a UV filter. All I need now is to find a buyer who will offer both a fair price and a good home.

Hopefully next year will see me more involved in film photography using the cameras I started my photography with and who knows maybe I'll even get to join an APUG Ireland outing. I know it's early for new year resolutions, but mine is to make time to use my film kit and to follow Les McLean's guidance and "Shoot the light" - he signed that on a book for me and then helped me understand it, it's something that will always be with me and that I'll always be thankful to him for.

Well better get back to the grind of work, if anyone out there knows of a fair asking price for the sigma or even wants to buy it let me know.