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Well, well, well. Could this be one of those well kept secrets?
When it first came out, there was a brief discussion on APUG, in which one or two people suggested that it may be a sort of "incidental market" product---Foma may be making this paper for some reason unrelated to art photography, and finding that it has a convenient little extra market. This thought would be interesting to pursue---if it's right, I guess the stability of that real target market, whatever it is, determines the viability of the paper.

I would assume no one will take it as a serious replacement for Azo or Lodima, but as an inexpensive paper that works well for contact printing and whose results don't suck, it's perfect for my needs. If I ever get good enough to justify the price of Lodima, I'll be so delighted with myself that the expense won't matter, but in the meantime... :-)