Iíve checked on the two possible places that were mentioned to meet. One would be the central valley wildlife refuges near Santa Nella. This gives easy access from I-5 It is about midway in the state. The second is San Lorenzo park In king City. This is on hwy 101 about mid way again in the state. I leave it up to the rest of those who attend to choose a site. I will post a poll for each place. Along with it I have links to a good motel near Santa Nella, and also links to the National Wildlife refuges near by. King City I have the link for San Lorenzo park. No particular motel or hotel links for King City.

http://www.kingcity.com/ci02004.html San Lorenzo Park

http://www.fws.gov/data/statdata/cadata.html Map for the central valley refuges

http://www.wcghotels.com/hotelDetail.cfm?LocationID=36 motel in Santa Nella

http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/o...r1/sanluis.htm Kesterson