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Hi all--

I am *just* now setting up studio space (actually, two days ago), and am trying to learn my way around lighting. My partner has a digital camera, and this has been useful for getting some instant feedback on how shadows fall, etc., but I am dying to get in and start shooting with *my* camera, and I'm a die-hard analog user.

In the past (and it has been a long time--I am only now getting back into my photography), I pretty much used Tri-X for everything. What is a recommended film for use in a studio situation? How fast or slow a film do I need for best results and minimum grain? My camera, until I can afford an MF one, is my trusty ol' 35mm Nikon F2.


Mike in Alaska
Mike, I've used Tri-X for many years and still do. It is a lovely film especially when developed in XTOL. That developer will give you a negative with slightly reduced grain and full speed. In other words, I expose the Tri-X at its rated 400 speed. Tri-X is quite forgiving of exposure errors... well, maybe a stop under or over.

Another film which has given me good results with strobe is AGFA APX 400. This German film is slightly grainer but has beautiful tones. look at the wrestling picture in my vast (three picture :-) ) portfolio. It is strobe lit APX 400