I have a PFormuly kit with spent Glycin (actually 2 kits someone gave me) both of the packets of glycin are different shades of brown.

Has anyone just used the kit but omitting the glycin?

The formula is very close to dektol but the dektol calls for a bit more metol than comes with the PF 130 kit. I'm speculating this is because of the glycin present in the 130.

Would it still be active enough with the reduced metol?
here are the 2 formulas to compare
PF/Ansco (Ansco/American Agfa) 130 Paper Developer

Water (125 F or 52C)-----------------------------750 ml
Metol*-------------------------------------------2.2 grams
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous)------------------------50 grams
Hydroquinone-------------------------------------11 grams
Sodium Carbonate (monohydrated)-----------------78 grams
Potassium Bromide---------------------------------5.5 grams
Glycin---------------------------------------------11 grams
Water to make-------------------------------------1.0 liter

Kodak's D72 Formula DEKTOL
750 ml Water
3 g Metol-Elon
45 g Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous
12 g Hydroquinone
80 g Sodium Carbonate 1-Hydrate
2 g Potassium Bromide Anhydrous
Water to make 1 liter