I chose a Sinar F monorail - it has enough features to last me a lifetime, parts are widely available, and it's well made. The type and brand of camera is going to be a very personal choice.

For lenses, pick something close to what you normally use in 35mm or MF. 150mm is "normal", 75mm is very (but not extreme) wide, 300mm is equivalent to about 100mm on 35mm. For brands, there are 4 main players (current): Schnieder, Rodenstock, Fuji and Nikon. Anything made by any of these vendors will be plenty sharp. The old/used market is overflowing with lenses from various companies.

Calumet has several starter kits aimed at students. Their "Caltar" lenses are made by Rodenstock.

After (or even before) you figure out what you want, check Midwest Photo Exchance (www.mpex.com). They're extremely helpful. I bought my first kit there for less than $1200, and had everything I needed - monorail camera, mounted lens, film holders, film, tripod head, dark cloth, and even a Polaroid holder and film.