Not to start a urinating competition, but if the final product is all that matters - I've got some really outstanding shots from my Canon 20D, far better than anything I can reproduce (yet) with my eastman No.1 View. Would you recommend I post them to the critique gallery?

I think the process is important. I think that the process is what gives the final product - the silver gleatin, wet-plate, kodachrome, colloidoin, and all the other things everyone is trying so desperately to preserve here --it's "thingness". The problem with so much "art" these days is that it's lost its tactile qualities.

I can browse flickr all day long and see things taken with camera phones that are goregeous, but I'd much rather hold an over developed contact print my buddy made 15 years ago in a hall - closet - darkroom because the art is in the object - and the object is neccesarily the result of the underlying process.

Now that I've outted myself as a digital photographer i'll probably be banned from the forum all together.

On the otherhand, my last 6 months of photographic expenditures consist completely of gear made long before I was born and chemicals, so perhaps I'll be spared banishment because I'm starting to see the light (through a ground glass)