I got €160 for the 800si + VC70 + 35-70mm lens, it was all in excellent condition, with original manuals, lens/body caps and packaging.

I'm thinking of asking €150 for the sigma lens, it really is a great lens but I don't need it as much as I need to money. I also just remembered that I have a 500si super with an 28-80 kit lens, my Father borrowed it a couple of years ago and has never used it.


The mamiya is history now. But I still have three 35mm minolta cameras (XD11, SR1 & 500si), so I will still have the ability to shoot, process and print. I have an enlarger, which I have loaned to a friend who is making sure it gets used (and has offered me use of her darkroom), so I can and will get printing at some point.