This is my first post at the Forum - but have been shooting large format for 20 plus years - ekk!

If you are just starting out and have a limited budget I would shop around the used camera market. EBay is one of your best bets. Last year I sold my trusty Calumet 4x5 on eBay and purchased an Arca-Swiss Discovery 4x5 also from eBay. With all the accesorries I would have paid about $1900. but purchased for $1100. It was one year old and in mint shape! You will find many large format cameras in excellent shape. I purchased the Discovery to do light back-packing photography, location and studio work.

Here's a link to an older model Arca-Swiss on eBay:

The Buy It price is a little high!

Also you might consider the Cambo/Calumet 4x5 - shot with one for years mostly in the studio and it's light enough to set-up on location. But not good for back-packing as the camera does not close down like the Arca.

There is one on eBay:

Not sure how much the new ones are going for but the Buy it Price is fairly good.

Either one will get you started!

Also lens are going for cheap on eBay also.

Best of luck,

John V.