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Why Ilford or Adox don't get special run of this kind of paper?only to have more choise, Fuji have a one in RC(gaslight) that I think is quite similar to Foma. I think that niche market will save the market specially for BW....

I think the niche market is too small for a full run of a new contact paper without pre-selling as Michael and Paula has done. For them it was a huge investment.

If the ever so small market is diluted with yet another fibre contact paper, it would be so small as to make the investment unworthy.

Enlarging papers are a much much bigger market, and even that market is so much smaller than it was a few years ago, hence we are seeing fewer and fewer paper surface choices, as the paper mills won't make a surface without a certain minimum order from the photo industry.

The Foma RC contact paper is kept in production specifically because of a South American demand. It would not be around just for the niche art market.

What might be more practical would be to engineer an enlarging speed b/w paper that has the characteristic curve of the old contact papers. This could serve a larger market. As one can easily use Enlarging speed paper for contact printing with a reduced light source.

Even Lodima is not a guaranteed long-term available paper. They made one large run..one emulsion run for each grade. If this doesn't sell completely outwithin a timeframe consistent with good results, then I doubt there will be another run. Most photographers who are serious about contact printing on Lodima have purchased a lot of paper to store for their needs. They will not immediately need more.