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BVY Have you been to the f295 symposium in Pittsburgh?
I have not. That's for real photographers (!). I'm just a guy making cameras out of stuff from the kitchen.

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So your saying that image was not sharpened? I sharpen most my pinhole images after being scanned. Have not had the chance to enlarge and print in the traditional way yet.
Right. No sharpening or other Photoshop trickery. View it full size though, because I think Flickr applies sharpening to images it resizes for display.

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My personal belief that sharpening pinhole images for display in the web is a travesty of the truth. The images were not created sharp by the camera and should not be represented as such, by some stretch that the photographer believes it should be sharper to match his usual standard.
Amen to that. I don't even sharpen my digital photos anymore. Maybe I should (or could), but sharpness looks much better when the lens delivers it.