Thanks Mike. Very helpful. I know how to develop and print B/W, so colour processing will be a new venture for me. I am just starting to read up on this. I use a Durst M601 with EL-Nikor 2.8 lens. I bought the Lietz as an incredibly cheap deal, coming with much other equipment (Rowid driver, plastic negative drying 'cabinet' and so on. But the analyser stumped me. It has separate dial settings for Y, M, C, Timer and AUS off. A timer dial. Separate dial with setting C, calibrated C1 to C5 and Y and M that are numerically calibrated. Has a gradation timer-Log D. Also paper sensitivity dial. A needle measurement calibrated from -1 to +1. And an exposure button. Do you think I would be able to find a manual for this? Thanks again for your help. Nicholas