I lucked into a Calumet, I think it's a cc400 and has a 150mm Schneider that has been a real joy to learn with.

The one I have has a shortened rail which is it's only true flaw. Someone before me decided they did not want or need long lenses or to do really close macro.

That flaw has not hurt me one whit! I'm a fan or normal to slightly wide perspectives so it's just right for most of what I shoot and if I had to pick another lens right now I'd go shorter, but I'm in no rush. If I had started with a 210 or longer lens I'd probably be in a rush to go short, but that's just me. I can twist the bellows in to a pretzel and get vignetting but I really have to try. On the rail cameras you can also swing the back if the front won't give you everything you need.

I picked up an old Peztval to use for portraits and effect, same 150mm/6inchish length, just got the lens board yesterday and looking forward to shooting with it in the next few weeks. I got this lens specifically to use the vignette and softer edges.

I also bought a Calumet 220 back for it, this essentially gives me a longer perspective. Haven't used this much yet, so far this perspective pushes me back too far from what I want to shoot.